Youth Ministry Website Redesign 2

Youth Ministry Website Redesign 2


Vertical High School Ministry

Sometimes you have to work with what you have. This was one of two sites that were supposed to be merely a redesign project. I had to use the old layout and mix in the updated artwork. This site was interesting because what you think is going to be a simple swap out of artwork, became a meticulous check of changes not only with the site, but with the organization. Working within the contexts of the organization helps you understand the full desire or their goals and what their site needs to convey.


There’s nothing like giving an old site a completely new look.

At the company I work for, I manage a handful of websites. One of those sites was in need of a long over due upgrade to the cms software it was using. After we were able to purchase the software, I was able to get to work on updating the look of the overall site.

I was able to take the site and bring it into the twenty-first century. This was my first flat design concept website I have been able to put together. I was pleased to be given a full creative green light on the project, and so far, I’m pretty happy with the results.

Take a look at the before images… Pretty ugly, right!?





Now what do you think? Here’s what the site looks like now.

outpostnew2 outpostnew3 outpostnew1


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